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Global Supplier of Treated Wood Poles

FINNTREPO delivers wood poles to all five continents. Thanks to this wide experience and close co-operation with specialized pole transporters most of our orders are shipped directly to the customer´s destinations all over the world.

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About us

FINNTREPO Ltd is a leading supplier of treated wood poles and related wood products for overhead power and telecommunication lines.

Since the beginning of the 1980´s FINNTREPO has been a major pole supplier worldwide, setting the standard for quality and reliability in its produts and services.

Our product range consists of wooden electricity and telecommunication poles in over 100 sizes. In addition there are also other affiliated wood products related to line building, such as kicking blocks and anchor logs. In this area of expertise FINNTREPO has become the quality concept in over 50 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Why Choose Us

Standards are met

Scandinavian pine poles meet the highest requirements and quality.

Tailor-made offers and deliveries

Offers and deliveries are tailor-made for each customer´s needs for telecommunication lines and for power lines up to 220 kV.

Rapidly and efficiently

We listen to our customer´s needs and always fulfill their requirements.

Scandinavian pine polesWe offer pinus sylvestris wood poles that meet the highest requirements to ensure the best quality for our customers.

Quality & Specification

RESILIENT"In storms a concrete pole breaks, a steel pole bends and remains bent, but wood pole resists without damages."

~one of our customer opinions

Production & Delivery

FINNTREPO holds the "pole position" as the world´s biggest pole exporter. The combined capacity of its five plants is up to 700 000 poles annually. The coordinated and customer oriented process chain of cutting, seasoning, production, shipping guarantees the availability of poles in over one hundred sizes.

Therefore different customers individual requirements are easily fulfilled, rapidly and efficiently.


Renewable resource
Wood is environmentally friendly. It is the only pole material, which comes from a renewable resource. Scandinavian forests are globally renowned for their professional and sustainable management. Forests and wood products have been a major part of our livelihood already for generations.

Reliable producers supply safer poles
Selection of trees for poles starts in the forest. The growing trees accepted for poles are individually handpicked by forestry experts. The basis of their selection is quality and size. Only straight trees with few branches and a uniform trunk are accepted. Uniform, slow growth forests provide for the famous, and unique product. The area from which the trees are chosen covers over 500 000 km2 of natural forests – i.e. an area bigger than 700 km x 700 km. This ensures the high and consistent quality of poles, even in largest orders.

When you demand guarantees of delivery and quality, then we are the right supplier for you!
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